DTermite Termites BAIT Gel -Eliminate Termite Colony

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DTermite Termite Bait Gel is an excellent professional termites gel for killing termites  colony. Termite Gel is completely undetectable by termites. Once termites touch it, it spread the termicide by contact until it eliminate the entire colony.


How to apply?

Apply to termites roadway/mud. For best effect, you may open a small hole on termites roadway and squeeze the gel into the hole.  Use the sticker to cover the mud which you apply gel.

**Do not remove the whole roadway. You need to let termites touch & eat the gel inside the roadway/mud.

How Long it eliminate termites?

  • 25 DEGREE CELCIUS  AND BELOW—7 days after termites eat/touch the gel.
  • 25 DEGREE CELCIUS AND ABOVE—10 ~21 days after termites  eat/touch the gel. 


Product Specification

Product Name : DTERMITE Termites BAIT Gel

Physical Form : Gel/Liquid 

Weight : 15g 

Ingredient : 0.84% Germany-domino technology active-ingredient 

Target : Termites

Application: Indoor/Outdoor - Best for location, which is hard to use termites powder.


Package Include:

  • Termites GEL 15g - 1 unit



1) How many bottle needed?

You may estimate one colony with one bottle. Depend on size of roadway/mud.




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Termite Infection  Minor infection, 1 roadway (width <1mm) Moderate Infection  Moderate Infection  Moderate to Serious Infection  Moderate to Serious Infection  Serious Infection/Protection 
Location  Indoor Outdoor and Indoor  Plaster Ceiling and Wall  Indoor and Outdoor - All spots  Indoor and Outdoor - All spots Outdoor 
Treatment Period 1 months  1 week  1-2 weeks  1 week 1 week  1 month
Strength Easy to use and apply in indoor. Safe Easy to apply on mud/roadway Best for wall and sticky Easy and high effectiveness Easy and high effectiveness Easy and high effectiveness
Weakness  Longer treatment period  Not suitable for plaster ceilling  Need to squeeze into roadway NA NA For outdoor only