Advanced Termites Bait Station - Outdoor

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Advanced Termite Monitoring Stations are placed in the ground ten to fifteen feet apart around the home and about two to three feet out from the foundation of the house. The Advanced Termite Monitor Station contains a wood food source for detecting subterranean termites.




How Advanced Termites Bait Station Works

Each Advanced Termites Bait Station comes loaded with 3 total components: The black plastic housing, a wooden Termite Monitoring Base,  and a black plastic cap. Stations are placed 10-15 feet apart, 2-4 feet away from the foundation around the structure to be treated to monitor subterranean termite activity. These stations do not contain any active ingredient  – they are for monitoring only. Termites Colony Elimination Powder (Fipronil 1%) may be purchased separately from our store (FREE FOR ANY PURCHASE OF ADVANCE TERMITE BAIT STATION) 

The easy-access design of the station combined with highly attractive wooden base attract and intercept foraging worker termites before they find food in the structure. If activity is observed in stations, the Termites Colony Elimination Powder (Fipronil 1%) need to pour into attractive wooden base and it required 7-15 days to eliminate the termite colonies. 

Package Includes:

a) High Grade Bait Station (180mm x210mm x 110mm)  - 1 unit

b) Wood Bait made by tree species favored by termites - 2 units 

c) 80g Fipronil Powder - 1 unit 

d) Free Gift : SJ Termite Control Cartridge 1 unit  (to attract termites and eliminating the colony) 

Figure : SJ Termite Control Cartridge 85g 

Target Pests

Subterranean termites

Target Uses

Advanced Termite Bait Stations are installed to monitor and treat subterranean termites around structures, generally in residential areas. Advanced stations are easy to install, monitor, and maintain, with minimal disturbance to the environment.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: No active insecticides, contains only wood and food attractants.

Application Instructions

Always read the product label completely before use.

  1. Install Advanced Bait Stations (including the wood base and termite monitoring cartridge) into the ground every 10-20 feet around the perimeter of the structure. Stations should be placed 2-4 feet away from the foundation, but not directly under the drip line from the roof of the structure. To dig holes for the stations, use a 2 ¾ in. hand or electric auger or post hole digger. The cavity for each station should extend 2 to 4 in. below the stations’ housing to allow excess moisture to drain.
  2. Monitor stations every 2-4weeks for termite activity
  3. If termite activity is present, pour the termites colony elimination powder (Fipronil 1%) into wooden base.
  4. Inspect active bait stations every 2-4 weeks to see if termite activity has stopped. When activity stops, replace the wooden base. Repeat process as needed.
  5. Replace the wood bases for best results. Wood that is soggy or moldy should be replaced as soon as possible.

Standard Application Rates:

*Place stations 10-20 feet apart, 2-4 feet from the foundation of the structure – Closer placement results in better monitoring and treatment.

*2 wooden bases/wood bait are included per station and should be replaced approx. every 12 months.

For use in the following areas:

Advance Termite Bait Stations are for outdoor use only.

**See above for Application Instructions. Install in grassy or landscaped areas. For concrete or asphalt applications, creation of a cavity in the concrete or asphalt is considered to be the station housing the components, and the station itself is not needed.

Advanced Termites Bait Station Features

*Low profile remains flat to soil surface.

*Easy installation

*Designed for quick transfer from wooden termite monitoring base to bait station, resulting in minimal disturbance of termite feeding activity.

*Specially formulated bait in rectangular shape,which is milled from tree species favored by termites.

*Large bait load eliminates even the largest colonies.

*Maximum wood-to-soil contact

*Minimum disturbance to soil and termite activity

*Easy-access wood slots allow ready termite entry.

*Quick-lock station cap simplifies opening and closing the station.

Extra Tips

*Monitor stations at least every 90 days after installation.

*Replace Wood at least every 12 months, or more frequently if wood base becomes soggy or moldy (white or gray mold).

*Bait systems are for preventative treatments and should not be relied on to treat termites already in the home.

*Place stations 2 to 4 feet from the foundation, but do not place under the drip line of the roof.




  TERMITE DIY BOX  Termites Powder Fipronil  Termites Gel  Termites Control Liquid 100ml Termites Control Liquid 500ml Advanced Bait Station 
Termite Infection  Minor infection, 1 roadway (width <1mm) Moderate Infection  Moderate Infection  Moderate to Serious Infection  Moderate to Serious Infection  Serious Infection/Protection 
Location  Indoor Outdoor and Indoor  Plaster Ceiling and Wall  Indoor and Outdoor - All spots  Indoor and Outdoor - All spots Outdoor 
Treatment Period 1 months  1 week  1-2 weeks  1 week 1 week  1 month
Strength Easy to use and apply in indoor. Safe Easy to apply on mud/roadway Best for wall and sticky Easy and high effectiveness Easy and high effectiveness Easy and high effectiveness
Weakness  Longer treatment period  Not suitable for plaster ceilling  Need to squeeze into roadway NA NA For outdoor only


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