Termites DIY Baiting System Malaysia (2nd Edition - Moisturized White Bait) - Eliminate the termite colony

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TERMITES DIY COLONY ELIMINATION BOX (2nd Edition 2017)  - GUARANTEED 100% ORIGINAL PRODUCT by Authorized SJ Brand Sole Distributor 

TERMITES DIY COLONY ELIMINATION BOX is an excellent professional termite control product for killing termites.  It controls all types of termites including subterranean, Formosan and dry wood termites. The bait with Alpha-Cypermethrin is completely undetectable by termites and once termites touch it, they contact, ingest and spread the termicide until it eliminates the entire colony.
Termites DIY Baiting system is one of the best INDOOR termites control products that money can buy.



NO drilling in floors & foundations.

NO chemicals injected around your house.

NO  chemical exposure to you and your family.

NO  smell.


NET: 35g


**We do not sell any expiry date products. If the item is expired, we accept return from customer.


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1) KL/SELANGOR - 1 day


3) Sabah/Sarawak - 1-2 days 

4) Other Countries - 7 days

5) Singapore - You may consider to pick up the item at mynews.com (Kompar JBCC Mall, JB). Delivery to Singapore takes 7 days. 




#1 This bait is mosturized with liquid. You may not need to pour water into bait. 

#2 When you receive the bait, the bait may looks a bit yellow due to termite attractant liquid being added during production. If customer worry on moisturized white bait with a bit yellow and suspect expired, we suggest our customer to consider SJ Baiting System. We do not accept any return/refund for this case once you open our bait. 

#3 This product is good for small termite infestion case. For moderate/serious case, please consider SJ Baiting system. 


Q&A : 

Q1) How many boxes are required to eliminate the termites in your house?

Answer : You will need to find out how many trails in your house. For best results, you should place 1 diy box for 1 trail. 


Q2) Can we use this box for outdoor?

Answer : No. We do not encourage our customer to use this product on outdoor especially expose to rainning/water. It will not work for outdoor. Don't waste your money.

For outdoor, please try our advance bait station. It works great for eliminating termites before entering your house. 

Q3) Can i place this bait on tree?

Answer : No.  It's not designed for outdoor. 

We recommend to use termites control liquid / advance bait station for effective termites control. 


Q4) Original Product?

This is 100% Genuine Termites DIY Baiting System with certified manufacturing label and contact.  For more information, visit our official website in facebook. You may reach us in Lazada, which allow registered business owner to sell original product in their platform.  

As registered professional seller in Lazada platform & registered Alibaba Wholesaler, we're verified as professional supplier to join their platform. 

For testimonial & customer review, please visit our facebook page / yotpo. 

Link :  https://www.facebook.com/Termitediypestcontrol/

Q5) Why so many colour of Termites DIY Bait from different seller?

Green And Red Bait- Manufactured in 2010-2013.

White Bait - newer version, which manufactured from 2014-Present. To avoid any expired product, please check the label. Those using mini market label printer with "GUNA SEBELUM" is non-factory printed label.


Q7) Is this product effective?


To be able to use this product effectively, you must place it in front of roadway, which can attract termites to expand their roadway towards the bait and consume the woods inside the bait. It eliminates the termite colony. 

Each roadway, you should place a box.

In some of serious termite infestion city, the termites will be back after 6-12 months. It depend on the location of your house. To eliminate and repel the termites, you will need to consider our termites control liquid (100ml- RM119).



  TERMITE DIY BOX  Termites Powder Fipronil  Termites Gel  Termites Control Liquid 100ml Termites Control Liquid 500ml Advanced Bait Station 
Termite Infection  Minor infection, 1 roadway (width <1mm) Moderate Infection  Moderate Infection  Moderate to Serious Infection  Moderate to Serious Infection  Serious Infection/Protection 
Location  Indoor Outdoor and Indoor  Plaster Ceiling and Wall  Indoor and Outdoor - All spots  Indoor and Outdoor - All spots Outdoor 
Treatment Period 1 months  1 week  1-2 weeks  1 week 1 week  1 month
Strength Easy to use and apply in indoor. Safe Easy to apply on mud/roadway Best for wall and sticky Easy and high effectiveness Easy and high effectiveness Easy and high effectiveness
Weakness  Longer treatment period  Not suitable for plaster ceilling  Need to squeeze into roadway NA NA For outdoor only