SJ Termite Baiting System

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  • Control & Eliminate termite colony.
  • The first active-ingredient (Hexaflumuron) with EPA registered as reduced-risk pesticide.
  • Hexaflumuron - demonstrated 10 years of in-field success killing, controlling and eliminating termites.
  • Alternative solution to a chemical treatment for those who dislike the use chemicals. 

Product Description 

SJ Termite Baiting System is a bait designed with a highly palatable cellulouse based food substrate impregnated with IGR (insect growth regulator) hexaflumuron. After the termite activity has been discovered, it should be deployed to a surface over which termite activitiy occurs. 

What is the active ingredient in SJ termite Baiting System that controls termites?

The active ingredient is hexaflumuron, an insect growth regulator that stops the termite's vital molting process and stopping the termite's growth. As a result, they die. Hexaflumuron has demonstrated 10 years of in-field success killing, controlling and eliminating termites.

How long does it take to control the termites?

Once the SJ Termite Baiting System is installed, it can take from a few weeks for termites to enter the SJ termite bait box, depending on placement of SJ termite bait box, geography, termite pressure and termite species. Once the termites enter the bait cartridges and begin feeding on SJ termite bait, the process of termite control can begin. Termite colonies may begin to decline as quickly as four weeks after feeding on SJ termite bait. After 6-8 weeks, the termite colonies are eliminated. 

* The size of the colony has an effect on the number of baitings required and the time is taken to wipe out the entire colony, but as a guide, the average time is around 6-8 weeks. 

**After 6-8 months, if the termite colonies are still available on the same spot, please consider to change one of cartridge to feed the termites. This happen if the termite colonies are big.



 SJ Termites Baiting System Malaysia

1. Peel off the protective plastic film from the catridges ( 2 units).


2. Place both catriges into SJ Baiting Box.


SJ Termite DIY Baiting Box - Eliminate termite colony Sentricon Baiting System

3. Place the SJ Baiting box on surface over which termite activitiy occurs (Suitable for indoor & outdoor). 


4. You may nail up the bait station on ceiling. For wall, you may use high quality double side tape( 3M) to stick the baiting box on wall. 

Prevention & Control 

You may install the bait box at the corner of plaster ceiling for termite prevention and control.

Nail up the SJ Baiting Box on the corner of ceiling top as below:

Termite Baiting System Centricon Hexaflumuron

Termite Baiting System - Kill termites colony effectively



Product Name SJ Termite Baiting System 
Type Pellet
Weight  2 Cartriges x 85g
Expiry Date  2023 
Pest Target  Termites 
Dimension 14.3 x 9.7 x 4.5 cm 
Storage dry, no sunlight condition. 

SJ Pest Control 


What's in Box 

1) Bait Catridge -  2 units (85g each)

2) SJ Baiting Box - 1 unit



1) Please do not consume it.

2) Please wash hand after use.

3) Keep away from kids, pregnant lady.

4) Please don't mix with any other chemicals. 



1) Please purchase full set package for first time use - RM89.

2) To refill, please purchase the replacement cartridge - RM70 for 2 units, RM135 for 4 units. 

3) Our SJ Baiting Box is designed to block the sunlight/external light, which may help to improve the baiting performance.