Stainless Steel Bird Spike - STOP BIRDS and Pigeon FROM PERCHING AND LANDING

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Physical barrier solution is the most effective bird control way to keep birds off from your premise. It eliminate the ability to land and perch in your premise. It can install easily with nail-free adhesive, nails, screws and ties. It's a real solution to prevent birds from landing. Long lasting, zero maintenance bird control solution.



  • BEST-SELLING Stainless Steel Bird Spikes from Professional Bird Solution

  • 100% effective, safe, permanent physical barrier

  • Original Product from Eastern Universe

  • FREE 1 unit 12g Drill-free Adhesive

  • Stainless steel won’t corrode or decay

  • Protect surfaces from corrosive droppings

  • Flexible base for mounting on curved & uneven surfaces

  • Simple Installation -.Spikes are easy to install with adhesive, nails, screws and tie-downs

  • Cut down on cleanup and repair costs

  • Protect buildings, equipment, and vehicles from corrosive bird droppings

  • Reduce health and liability risks associated with pest bird infestation

  • Prevent the spread of diseases, such as West Nile, Salmonella and E. Coli

  • Eliminate fire hazards caused by birds building nests in vents and chimneys

  • Avoid government and safety inspection failures

  • Save outdoor grounds from bird damage

  • Increase property aesthetics

  • Decrease nuisance for residents, workers, customers, etc.



 WIDTH 50 cm
HEIGHT 12 cm