Advanced Bird Repeller - Repels birds, cats, dogs, bats, civet

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Master Repeller against Birds, Animal, Bats and Pests - Premium Grade Product with USA EPA & RoHS certification 
☆ Repel all kinds of birds and bats.
☆ Repel cats, dogs, rabbits, coons, foxes, deer etc.
☆ Repel rodents and insects in continuous mode.
Weatherproof & Outdoor Use.
☆ Ultrasound and strobe light activated by the infrared motion sensor.

Features : 
1. Professional Infrared Detecting Tech
* Infrared area: oval, up to 35m radius & 120 degrees, approx 900sqm
* USA PerkinElmer infrared sensor (world No.1)
* Three layer lens ensures more accurate signals in detecting
2. Profesional Ultrasonics: Sensor activated / continuous operation / Off
 * Adjustable frequency * Bats: Ultrasonic frequencies specially set down, so bats can also be repelled (most other brands can't actually repel bats
* Pests: "Continuous" mode will repel pests such as rats, squirrels, roaches etc.
3. Strong Strobe Light: Sensor activated / continuous operation / Off 
Our strobe light is with silver concave mirror to pool and reflect the light to up and forward. So it is every strong and good effect against the birds/animals. Seldom other brands have such structure.
4. Energy saving + Clean + Human & pet friendly
5. With test button + Weatherproof + Mounted to a wall or on the ground
6. Power: 6V/500mA adaptor (with 10m extension cable), or 4 x D batteries

Why Control Birds and Bats?
- Droppings are unhealthy and unsightly.
- Cleaning up the droppings costs money and time.
- Birds/bats may be destructive for and deface property.
- Birds/bats may spot and cover up your automobile with their droppings.
- Droppings are corrosive and sure to destroy the paint of your cars, mailboxes and fences etc.

How Does It Work?
1. The PIR sensor detects a warm body movement/ heat raditation in the field of view.
Infrared detecting area (Highest Sensitivity): Oval, approx 120 degree arc, up to a distance of 35 metres, approx 900 s.q.m.

2. Mode of operation
a. In "Sensor" mode, powerful 10 second ultrasonic bursts will repel the birds, bats and animals away once they enter the area. This will train the birds/bats/animals to avoid the protected area. The frequency of the ultrasonic waves is adjustable. 

b. In "Continuous" mode, the flash light & ultrasonic sounds are actvated continously. Bear in mind that the power comsumption is quite high in "Continous" Mode, therefore the power supply unit should be used here. 
it will repel unwanted pests (rats, squirrels, roaches, moths etc.) out the area.

Quick Guide
1. Install batteries or plug in the adapter.
2. Install the unit with the keyhole slots on the back. Place the unit 1.0 - 1.4 meter above the ground for optimum range.
3. Set the Ultrasound Switch to OFF/SENSOR/CONT(only when it is powered by the adapter).
4. Set the Strobe Light Switch to OFF/SENSOR/CONT(only when it is powered by the adapter).
5. Adjust infrared motion sensor sensitivity with the Sensitivity Switch.

Suggestions for Best Results against Birds
1) Survey the birds and their entry, exit, nesting and feeding habits.
2) Inspect your property and discover the inducement that attract birds. Remove the inducements.
3) Maintain a clean and changing environment.
4) Install the bird repeller early (before Bird Season begins). It is easier to keep birds away than to rout them out once they have already established a pattern.
5) Speculate on the potential alternate locations that birds might go to when they leave their current infestation area. Consider covering these areas by bird repellers as well.

How Quickly Will It Work
If the birds/animals/pests/bats have a habit of feeding or fouling in your yard, it can take 14-28 days to deliver the full deterrent effect. 'Occasional' visitors will usually be stopped within 7 days. If you have a dog/cat, it may affect the dog/cat if it's allowed in the same part of the yard.

The ultrasonic sound doesn't travel well through walls and fences, so it won't affect a dog/cat in the house.

Of course, as with all methods involving animal behaviour, we can't guarantee effectiveness in every situation, however, our own experience and the feedback we get from customers suggests that this device is effective in almost all situations.

Brief Specifications
Outdoor Use
Weight: approx 340g
Dimensions: 17.0cm x 15.4cm x 10.7cm
Detecting Area: Oval, approx 120 degree arc, up to a distance of 35m. ☆☆★
Power input: 4 x D batteries (high quality alkaline, not included);
or a 6V/500mA adapter (must be plugged in indoors or in a shed)
Power Consumption: Static Detecting: <0.05W; Emitting: < 0.5W
Manufacturer Warranty : 30 days for manufacturing defect only. 
Product included
1) Advanced Bird Repeller x1
2) 10m extension cable
3) 6V/500mA adaptor
Company No. Listed in EPA 85464


Safety Instructions

The guarantee is rendered invalid when damage is incurred as a result of non-compliance with the operating instructions! Liability for any and all consequential damage is excluded!

We do not accept liability for damage to property or personal injury caused by improper handling or non-compliance with the safety instructions! The warranty is voided in these cases

  • The unauthroized conversion and/or modification of the product is inadmissible because of the safety and approval reasons (CE).
  • The product is not a toy and must be kept out of the reach of children. Children can't judge the dangers involved with handling the device.
  • Handle the product with care. It can be damaged through impact, blows, or accidental drops even from a low height. 
  • The product can be operated by means of 4 mono type batteries or power supply unit (220-240V~/50Hz). 
  • The provided supply supply unit is only designed for dry use indoor, it must not get damp or wet, lethal danger through electric shock. 

Q&A :

1) Is this product effective to repel Bat in my balcony?

This is most effective product in the market. It works well and tested by EVOS MARKETING PEST DIY Team. In US, this product is selling under ET Brand (support 110V only) . In Asia, this product is selling under FY brand (support 220v-240v). All products are certified by EPA (EPA Number : 85464) 

Please check out the comments from AMAZON about our product:

2) Is there any warranty for this product?

We offer 1 month manufacturing defect warranty only. Our price is very low and almost equivalent to AMAZON Seller in USA. 

3) Why I need to purchase from EVOS MARKETING STORE?

EVOS MARKETING is sole distributor for Advanced Bird Repeller (FY) and a specialist in PEST DIY Industry. Over years, our main role is to provide the best PEST DIY Product to Malaysian. You may not able to find someone who can sell cheaper than us for this product (Advanced Bird Repeller). If you found any seller with lower price, please contact us. We will reward you with special gift. 



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2) For any dealership, please contact We're sole distributor and seller in Malaysia.

3) To avoid any inconvenience, we will open the box and test it before ship out. To avoid any damage during delivery, we will use the high quality bubble wrapper to wrap it for protection.