Professional Mouse & Rat Repeller

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Product Code: FRR01

  • Indoor use
  • Protect your home against rodent pests including mice and rats!



              ~  Turbulent Mixing Ultrasonic Storm Tech  ~

    (Unmatched lastest 3rd generation ultrasonic technology)



  • High-intensity ultrasound       
  • Unmatched turbulent mixing ultrasonic storms 
  • Chemical free
  • Human & pet friendly
  • With speaker indicators
  • Easy to use - just plug in
  • Economical - energy saving



Our Technologies and How It Works
1. 2nd Generation Ultrasonic Technology - High-intensity Ultrasound Technology
With specially designed circuit and specially improved speakers, this device can broadcast ultrasonic waves in very high intensity much stronger than and prior to the ultrasound of the first generation ultrasonic technology. Ultrasound can bother mice and rats and drive them away.
2. 3rd Generation Ultrasonic Technology - Turbulent Mixing Ultrasonic Technology
Unlike the first generation normal ultrasonic technology or the second generation high intensity ultrasonic technology, the third generation ultrasonic technology is a totally breakthrough and milestone in ultrasonic field. It is called Turbulent Mixing Ultrasonic Technology.
This device is electronically and acoustically designed based on turbulent mixing effect. It generates two powerful ultrasonic wave streams and makes them excite and conflict with each other. The turbulence incurred by the exciting and conflicting can surge and boost the ultrasound to an unmatchable level in an unique form like a storm. This ultrasonic storm can not be heard by humans or non-rodent pests, but will surely overwhelm rats and mice and make them feel bothered and uncomfortable.


How to use

1. Simply install this device in an area close to the source of rodent pests' activity or close to areas of potential concern.
2. Ensure the repeller is positioned in an unobstructed position in order to ensure maximum coverage of ultrasound waves.

3. Plug it and turn it on.


Things to Remember

1. SANITATION: A clean area with no spilled foodstuffs and accumulated trash is less attractive to rodents. 
2. EXCLUSION: Reduce access points for rodents around your house. Pipes, vent screens, A/C ducts and holes in siding should be sealed with hardware cloth. 
3. HEAVY INFESTATIONS: For heavy infestations, it may be necessary to first reduce rodent populations to smaller levels using our traps. 
4. INSTALLATION: Ultrasonic waves cannot pass through solid objects or bend around corners. However, they can be reflected by hard surfaces and absorbed by soft surfaces. So please take a moment to consider the location of the device in order to minimize the number of 'sound shadows' that may occur.
5. Repelling takes time. Time taken for results can vary between 1 to 6 weeks.
6. Do not use near rodent pets, rabbits and bats.
7. Generally speaking, at least one unit will be required for every single room. And, additional units are recommended to be placed in attics, basements, corridors and other areas as necessary.


Special Notes of Use

1) Under normal circumstances, it is quite common to see pests moving about frequently in the first few days of using the pest repeller. This is because you are now disturbing the pests habitats within the walls and hiding places by electromagnetic field. And this is also because the ultrasonic sound makes the pests feel uncomfortable. So, they are looking for respite from these new disturbances to their surroundings. 
After this period, the pest problem should start to tapper off. Usually, within 10-14 days, pests will leave. It can take up to six weeks to see full positive results as some pest problems depending on the severity, can be very stubborn.
2) If you have rodent problems, they may already have built a nest in your house. If this is the case, they are unlikely to desert their young until they are old enough to move. Fortunately, rodents mature quickly and the babies will be fully grown within a month.

Product Specifications

Rated frequency: 28KHz-60KHz             
DB rating: up to 130dB            
Coverage: 800 s.q.m
Power consumption: < 5W

Power input: 240V / 50-60Hz
For indoor use only